Management Reports & Dashboard Best Practice

Welcome to the Dashboard Best Practice Guide. This guide has lots of great tips and ideas for reporting on your Key Performance Indicators.

To get started, simply click one of the chapter headings below, or download the entire guide to print out later. Happy Dashboarding! - Johnathan Briggs

Management Reports & Dashboard Best Practice Chapters

1. Well-chosen KPIs = Better Business Decisions
How to choose the right KPIs to put into Management Reports and Dashboards.
2. Dashboard Design
What is the best way to present and layout a Dashboard?
3. Dashboard Visual Indicators
Choosing the best Charts, Gauges, Tables, Scorecards to communicate the message.
4. Choosing the Right Chart
How to pick the correct chart to fit your KPI or performance figure.
5. Time and Category Charts
Time and Category Charts are fundamentally different and therefore should be used differently.
6. Measurement Charts
The best charts and approaches when you want to see exact values.
7. Trend Charts
The best charts and approaches when you want to communicate trends.
8. How to Reveal Trends
How to show a trend from fluctuating data.
9. Comparison Charts
Building charts that compare one year to another.
10. Distribution Category Charts
How to make a chart (such as a pie chart) communicate the distribution of categorised data.
11. Filtering and Pivoting Categorised Data
See time-based KPIs by category, and compare categories side-by-side over time.
12. Don't Forget The Data
Why it's important to display data with your visuals and how to do it.
13. Paper and Electronic Reports
Paper is just as important as electronic dashboards, but there are some key differences in how to present information.

KPI Dashboard Best Practice

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