The Benefit of Adding Targets to Your KPIs

Last Updated: Monday, July 7, 2014 by Sofi Hjalmarsson

There are many benefits to adding targets to your KPIs, not least the ability to compare your performance to a benchmark or industry standard. A target is great way of making sure you're staying on track and that you're heading towards your goals, not away from them. 

A target can be something like a sales target that you want to reach and surpass, or it can work more like a spending budget that you want to stay below at all times. In Target Dashboard you can assign both of these target types to your KPIs, and the video below shows you exactly how to do that. 

Once your targets are set up, there are many aspects of Target Dashboard that reacts to those targets and automatically colour codes, generates your percentage below or above target and visually alerts you to your performance against target. 

In a gauge, for example, you can see % to target and the trend bars are colour coded based on performance to quickly show you how you're doing right now and over time. 

Scorecards, bar indicators and table summaries will also take your targets into account and colour code, calculate and let you know how you are doing against your targets and budgets. 

So as you can see, targets can be a very useful tool in analysing your data and visualising your performance on your dashboards.

See Your Targets in Action
Learn how easy it is to combine targets with actuals and visualise your data using Target Dashboard to gain a competitive advantage.