Using report date to make your dashboards more flexible

Last Updated: Friday, November 21, 2014 by Sofi Hjalmarsson

Creating a monthly or quarterly report from a live dashboard

If like many Target Dashboard users you have data that updates frequently, perhaps even many times per day, your charts and dashboards are always up to date. This is fantastic on a day-to-day basis when you need a live view of your data, or if you’re showing your KPIs on a screen in your office.

Imagine, however, that you need to produce a report as of a specific date, say the last day of the previous month. You want to see the same figures and KPIs, but not including anything past your selected date.

Do you build a new dashboard showing this? Should you change all of the charts on your current dashboard temporarily? Maybe you’re even thinking of importing a completely separate set of data for this purpose.

Now there is an easier way to do it.

Introducing the "report date"

In Target Dashboard you can simply change the “report date” of your dashboard to show the previous day, week or month, and all your charts, scorecards and other visuals will display your data as if it was the date you selected.

For example, if you have a daily sales dashboard, but want to have a look at the closing figures of last week, just change your report date and your whole dashboard will display as if it was last Friday. Perhaps you just want to have a glance at yesterday's data - you can do that too. Or if you need to go back further than that, you can even look at last quarter or year-end.

You can use this function to go back as little or as far as you would like, as long as there is data available to support it. Simply turn on date control in the settings of your dashboard and start time travelling through your data.

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