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Last Updated: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 by Laura Chisholm
sales leaderboard bar chart showing each team member sales versus target

Executive Summary

New Feature: Leaderboard (Updated 22-Nov-2016: Now Live!)
 → uses competition to motivate salespeople to deliver peak performance  → great for showing performance vs rest of the team and vs target updated in real-time  → can be used for showing items moving through a step by step process at each stage  → compare days of the week against one another Approx. Skim Time: 1min 0sec ~ 200 wordsFull Read Time:3min 0sec~ 470words

Updated: 22-Nov-2016

Leaderboard feature is now live - read the full details or see how to set one up.



Used by Sales Teams

Competition breeds success, especially in the highly competitive world of sales.

Thanks to feedback from users, such as you, we’ve added the leaderboard chart type, which is great for showing the relative movement or financial achievement, especially versus target.

Besides sales teams competing head to head, it's equally easy to pit territory against territory, product line vs product line, customer type vs... all just a click away.

Sales teams deliver their best performance when their head to head performance is visible on a wall mounted dashboard.

leaderboard showing orders progressing from pick to despatch

Used in Inventory Control and Logistics

Anything with a step by step process can easily be viewed as a sequence of events, by using a leaderboard.

A typical flow might include order booking, acknowledging, invoicing, sourcing, pick and packing, awaiting despatch, in transit, delivery on-time in full.

Knowing how many orders are at which phase of the process is essential to effective inventory management, stock control and resource allocation.

When viewed visually process progress can be monitored at a glance, giving you another management monitoring tool with a minimum of overhead.

leaderboard showing sales of each days compared in a bar type chart

Used in Operations, Finance and More

Comparisons, using a leaderboard, are just a click away!

Whether it's order value or counts, call volume or demand for a product or service, a day by day comparison via the leaderboard simply makes good sense.

Once available, please give it a try and see how easy it is to add a leaderboard chart to your existing dashboard(s) or give us a call to discuss where it might fit with your data.

Spot demand peaks and valleys, process chokepoints or share with management and staff so they can easily understand flow-through in your department or organisation.

Let us know what you think. Is it something you'll use regularly? Anything you'd suggest to make it even easier or more insightful? Pop us an email to with your thoughts. Thank you!!

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