Achieving Targets Through Accountability in 6 Steps

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Executive Summary

Accountability motivates salespeople to sell more
 → get your team to take ownership and ensure things are done  → accountability is a high ROI investment which delivers results  → just 6 easy steps that need to be implemented by you  → part of the sales diamond, 4 pillars of sales management success Approx. Skim Time: 0min 40sec ~ 100 wordsFull Read Time:3min 0sec~ 750 words


Motivate People to Sell More with Accountability

Accountability is a commitment to delivering on what's expected of your salespeople.

It's the spark that ignites and motivates them. With a feeling of ownership, clear targets in sight and plenty of motivation, a salesperson does what's required to build a robust pipeline, knowing that completing those pre-sale tasks is how they'll beat sales targets.

Energise your team so they put effort into CRM tasks, build great pipelines and sell more than ever.

Investment in Accountability Yields Strong Positive ROI

An average team will have 50% beating target each month. The other 50% need to commit by becoming accountable.

How much impact to your revenue, profit and OTE, if 50% becomes 100% beating target? What would it be worth?

    Give us 10 minutes - read this guide.

    Commit - use our 6 step method to build accountability.

    Celebrate - enjoy.

Accountability Precedes Consistent Team Achievement

The lessons on accountability were accumulated in working with best in breed sales organisations over the course of the past two decades.

Witnessing the journey of mediocre teams was equally enlightening. Those who developed a dedication to following the sales process, who developed a culture of accountability and who had management buy in - made it happen as they turned things around to consistently outperform expectations.


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Half Your Competition Haven't Learned This Lesson

Half of all managers rate themselves as terrible at making accountability a part of their culture. Once you take action, you've passed 50% of the competition.

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Follow This 6 Step Game Plan to Winning with Accountability

Accountability is taking ownership of a target then taking responsibility - making sure it is achieved.

Step 1 - Set clear, achievable targets
Step 2 - Regularly update salespeople on their progress
Step 3 - Make target tracking visible to the entire sales team
Step 4 - Use competitions and bonus/rewards to add energy to the hunt as the team stays motivated
Step 5 - Lead by example - share management goals/progress as you model accountability.
Step 6 - Take action / deliver the consequences at the end of target periods, whether they are met or not.

Sales Accountability Starts When Reps Believe They Will Achieve Target

Taking ownership for the achievement of goals, targets, quotas and task lists is step one. That ownership includes explaining or admitting how these were approached, and why they were or weren't met as expected.

Targets are set by management and must be achieved in order for the company to succeed. When these are met, company and staff alike become financially sound. When these aren't, job security and company survival may come into question.

Ownership is clear when salespeople show initiative.

Accountability is clear when salespeople follow through and get it done.

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Accountability Champions Try to Always:

Communicate Sufficiently - to avoid ambiguity, fully explain things and encourage questions
Use Clear Messages - after explaining, ask questions to confirm the messages weren't misunderstood
Respond Quickly - responses must be quick, since they lose value over time
Coordinate Tasks - if two things should be done, but are cross-purpose, it makes choosing a course of action prone to difficulty
Remember Time is Valuable - think ahead so that time won't be spent going the 'wrong' direction, and thus avoiding future re-work

Download The Checklist

Get our quick and easy checklist to make sure you're following through on all the key management steps to achieving sales team accountability:

How to Reach 95% Attainment

The American Society of Training & Development published research on how to ensure people get things done - the probability of someone completing a goal if:
      - you hear an idea: 10%
      - you decide when you will do it: 40%
      - plan how you will do it: 50%
      - commit to someone else you will do it: 65%
      - have a specific accountability appointment with the person you’ve committed to: 95%

In other words, make your plan and plan your work, commit to completion and pre-arrange a meeting to discuss the result. This small change to management tactics can yield impressive results.

Up your game and elevate your team by infusing accountability to spark motivation and commitment.

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