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Last Updated: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 by Robb Sands
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Executive Summary

New Product Update:  Move Excel Dropbox Sync'd Files
 → where sync'd files are managed in Target Dashboard  → how to change a file location or rename it in the dashboard  → where to turn if you need a hand Approx. Skim Time: 0min 20sec ~ 60 words Full Read Time: 0min 50sec ~ 170 words


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Revised Excel Dropbox Sync - File Location Changes

Now you can move files, or rename them, in your local Dropbox folder, sync online and point Target Dashboard to the new location so it stays fully in sync.


Step by Step - How To: Updating Target Dashboard to Stay Sync'd with Changes in Dropbox Naming


first 4 steps highlighted

Step 1 - Click -> My Data
Step 2 -> Data Automation
Step 3 -> Config
Step 4 -> Change

click on the file and pick next

Step 5 - Click -> the File
Step 6 -> Next

steps 7 and 8, verify the change

Step 7 - Click -> Overview
Step 8 - Verify the file path is correct

Where to Turn if You Need a Hand

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