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Last Updated: Sunday, August 13, 2017 by Robb Sands
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Executive Summary

 New Feature: Prefixes and Suffixes Around Data Items
     -> what are prefixes and suffixes for data items 
     -> why you would use them
     -> how to do it step by step
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What are data prefixes and suffixes?

Target Dashboard has a number of other dashboard items (such as scorecards, gauges, and more) that don't ordinarily use currency prefixes (unless you select the data type as currency), or percentage suffixes (again unless you select the data type as percentage).  

When you use calculated columns, there could be times when you'd like scorecards to specify the currency symbol or the percent symbol, to help clarify exactly what's being presented.  These times are why we've added user specified prefixes and suffixes - to help your dashboards be instantly understood!

Step by Step

Step 1:  Create some type of 'other' dashboard item using your data, then click on My Data.

click my data from top menu


Step 2:  Select the data table you used above.

click on the table name


Step 3:  Click on Design, so that you can edit that data table.

click on the table design button


Step 4:  Click on the specific item you'll be editing. Then repeat this step for each other item as needed.

select the column name from the list


Step 5 & 6:  Add a prefix and/or suffix, such as prefixing with £ or suffixing with %, or other symbols.

click on prefix or suffix field


Step 6 & 7:  Insert your chosen values as prefixes and/or suffixes and click save.

add a pound symbol to the prefix box and click save


Adding prefixes and suffixes can clarify the items and give additional meaning, all within a minimum of space while requiring just a couple of minutes to configure.  Here's what it looks like AFTER the prefix £ is added to 3 columns in the table design editor:

click on prefix or suffix field
Keep in mind that items you edit will change all the 'other' dashboard items you have created which rely on this column in this table, like scorecards, gauges, etc...  
Give this a try for yourself and see how easy it is - if you run into any trouble, just give us a call and we'll be happy to walk you through it step by step...


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