More Dynamic Chart Titles

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 by Laura Chisholm

The dynamic titles function of Target Dashboard charts has been extended to now include a sum of the values across your category, or across two data series in a time chart. The original Dynamic Titles feature is found here

The chart on your dashboard can look like this, where the title is bold and the value of the bars is summed automatically for you

Category Chart - How to :

Create a category chart as normal – it will look something like this

We can see the total revenue for each individual location, but we don’t easily know the total across all three unless we add them up manually. By using the

dynamic sum in the optional chart headline we can rectify this.

Edit the chart, select the Options tab, halfway down on the left we can see Optional Chart Headline

Write your text in the box provided and then type {s}

We can also add currency or other symbols as required. The finished chart looks like this

The value of £6,568,043 is the sum of Glasgow, London and New York

Time Chart – How to :

Create a time chart as normal – say with two data series of revenue and its target. It will look like this

We can see the total for each month, but we don’t know the running total for the year, or whether we are on track to the target YTD. Go back to the edit screen and choose the Options tab. Type into the Optional Chart Headline box {s1}, {s2} etc where the number represents the series of data that we have in our data (max 3 series)

To identify which series is which – S1 is the first series on your list of number columns that are being charted 

The finished chart looks like this


If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about this or any other Target Dashboard feature please get in touch at or call 0141 810 2599