A Christmas Case Study

Last Updated: Monday, December 18, 2017 by Fraser Campbell
A Cracking Christmas Case Study

"Far-North Logistics Company uses Target Dashboard to run their busy December Operations"

Target Dashboard are pleased to present to you a very special case study at a very special time of year. The client in question is a global logistics and distribution organisation with a highly seasonal workload. It delivers billions of parcels to billions of households around this time of year.

This client has been using Target Dashboard for different parts of the business, and the software has become a key component in their ability to deliver results. For reasons of security, the CEO of the company has requested that all details surrounding their identity remain confidential. We have done our Merry best to ensure that no personal information has been disclosed.

Smooth Processes make for Smooth Sailing

Due to the extremely seasonal nature of the Clients’ logistics activities, preparation is a necessity for smooth running of the operation. Target Dashboard allowed them to make their process smoother than a well-polished sleigh runner dashing through the snow and provided better execution with each passing year, improving service efficiency and impressing the CEO.

On Time and In Full a “Crucial Element” for Success

By its very nature, this client’s service is extremely time sensitive. In fact, the vast majority, if not all, of the clients’ deliveries are made on a single day in the year, which creates a crucial need to manage the performance of the Delivery staff. Target dashboard allowed near real-time management of KPIs and delivery times, ensuring each parcel found its owner on time.

“Whilst out on deliveries, I can manage the latest On Time and In Full from my mobile phone. It’s a crucial element in my businesses success”

NNR Calculations make Route Planning a Breeze

The clients’ actions toward each customer depend on their performance throughout the year, categorised by their proprietary in-house system: the NNR (Naughty to Nice Ratio). Using Target Dashboard, they mapped out the ratio in a Pie Chart, and were able to plan stock levels accordingly. They were also able to match and analyse their data on customer status “Sleeping” or “Awake”, and plan their routes accordingly.

“If I can find out who's Naughty or Nice, I'm able to plan my route and transport load much more efficiently”

Employee Performance: More Shop and Less Sweat

It’s not just the Delivery teams the Client was required to monitor. The warehouse staff were measured through a complex series of KPIs, which became hard to track. Target Dashboard’s tools made it simple and easy for the CEO to monitor low performing warehouse employees and punish them accordingly.

"I find if I take my eyes off my little green-shod employees for a mere minute, they turn into lollygagging layabouts! Target Dashboard lets me monitor them even when I'm not there"

A Hands-On Approach is the Sign of a Great CEO

Due to the “Hands On” attitude of the CEO (he even carries out the role of delivery driver once a year), the client required quick and concise reporting abilities to ensure the CEO was happy with their progress in the run up to “C-day”. Target Dashboard provided a reporting resource that allowed the scheduling of specific reports at set times, as well as the immediate production of key Ad-hoc reports on demand.

"With increased competition from other fast-track logistics companies such as Amazon Prime, Target Dashboard has given us the edge to compete at that level"

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