5 Tips for Beautiful Dashboards

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 by Fraser Campbell

5 Tips for Beautiful Dashboards

You’ve spent time on creating the most functional dashboard you can, but why not make it beautiful too! Here are 5 easy ways to give your dashboards the WOW factor. These tips are functional too, as they make the data more varied and easy to read.

Custom Row Heights

In each Dashboard, you can set the row height to anything from small to extra-large, or even full screen. But did you know you can set custom heights for each row? This means you can ensure your charts look their best and are scaled the way you want them to be.

Add a Traffic Light Scorecard

Scorecards are a fantastic way to display actuals against targets from different tables in your Target Dashboard account. They are suitable for Management Dashboards, Operational Dashboards and even Sales Figures. You can set custom Target colours, or use the pre-sets for ease of use. You’ll have more information in front of you than with any other chart.

Find out more about Traffic Light Scorecards here.

Vary your chart colours

You have a nearly unlimited number of colours to choose from in Target Dashboard, from the pre-set options or using hex codes. You can have different colours for each bar on a bar chart, or for each line on a line graph. These help your Dashboards pop.

You can access these setting from the Edit Chart menu on each chart.

Invert the Colour Scheme

One of the easiest ways to dramatically change how your Dashboard looks is to invert the colours entirely. This will not change the colours of the data within the charts themselves (green bars will still be green, etc.), but the surrounding colours become black instead of white. Some clients even prefer this for all their Dashboards.

Add a Secondary Axis

Sometimes it’s hard to plot two different types of data on the same chart and make it look good. For example, charting numbers and percentages on the same chart can cause it to look unwieldy. To help make your charts look their best, you can add a second Y-Axis on the right-hand side. This will keep the visuals even through the chart.