How to add a Target to any of your data in 3 steps.

Last Updated: Monday, October 17, 2011 by Eleanor Alner
Here’s how to add a target.

1. Go to ‘My Data’ and click on the table that you want to update and then on the ‘Table designer’.  In my example, I’m using a table called “Customer Satisfaction” and a column called “Very Satisfied”.
2. Click on the drop down box next to the column name and select ‘Create Target’ as shown below.  A column called “Very Satisfied Target” will be created automatically.
image of user selecting create target

3. Click on ‘Table Data’ and click on the ‘Edit All’ button.  The ‘Data Grid’ will open and you can enter the target for each row of data.  When you’re done, click on the ‘Save All’ button.

user interface where to click to edit all

And here’s what it looks like when shown on a bar indicator.  I’ve added another column, “Satisfied” so that you can see how the target shows and how the colours change depending on whether the current value is above or below the target.
satisfaction bar indicators comparing satisfied and not