Upgraded Table Summary Options

Last Updated: Monday, January 14, 2013 by Eleanor Alner

The table summary has been extensively upgraded and offers improved functionality and appearance.

Let’s start with some data as it is held in Target Dashboard.


Here’s how this data looks in a standard table summary with all the default options accepted. The ‘Table Summary’ is showing the last 12 rows of data in the table.


We can now add totals to our ‘Table Summary’ so that it looks like this.


Our table includes a ‘Category’ column that is populated with text items. We can now set a filter to show, for example, only Fred’s data.


We can add a second filter so that the ‘Table Summary’ shows Fred’s sales of Printers.


We can then transpose this data so that we can read the values across the page which is sometimes easier than up and down.


We can also upscale our data using the ‘Group By’ option. Let’s show Fred’s monthly sales by quarter.


Finally, we can decide not to display all the columns maybe because they are not needed or because they repeat and can be displayed on the ‘Table Summary’ title.