About us

Target Dashboard was born out of frustration about the inability to quickly and easily collect and report on Key Performance Indicators.  There are plenty of KPI reporting systems available, but they require complicated software systems and expensive hardware kit.  There was nothing available that not only made it easy to collect performance measures but also report upon trends.

This is where Target Dashboard started.  Several years ago our enthusiastic team was formed to bring Target Dashboard to reality.  They come to the company with a wide range of experience but all have been instrumental in the preparation and use of KPIs for business across the globe.  They are passionate about management reporting and know lots of clever techniques in how to visualise data so that company managers can make quicker and better decisions.

A great dashboard communicates important information and trends that enables you to make the best possible decisions.   We want you to be successful and are focussed on what you, our customer, needs. 

Target Dashboard is based in Scotland, UK although we work with customers across the world.