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The Public Sector Guide to Implementing Dashboards
(inc. project plan)

A top level guide to getting up and running with a dashboard solution that will teach you about KPIs, metrics, data and dashboard implementation.

29 Pages of tips and examples

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KPI Dashboard Design Best Practice
(Over 5000 downloads)

The Dashboard Best Practice Guide is packed with tips and contains essential information for building useful, powerful reports.

43 Pages of tips and examples

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Blog Posts

/ Economic Development
VIDEO: Using SIMD Data to Showcase Startup Performance in Deprivation Areas
See how you can use Target Dashboard software to showcase your economic development efforts and results by using Big Data - the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivations. [Read More]
Improve Event Feedback Usability with Likert Scale Scoring
Moving from text-based (qualitative) surveying to Likert scale scoring (quantitative) can ease identifying successes and failures, saving managers time and effort in planning improvement actions. [Read More]
Innovative Techniques for Analysing Business Gateway Data
By adopting an innovative approach, significant gains in operational efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy can be achieved throughout Business Gateway data processes. [Read More]