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The Public Sector Guide to Implementing Dashboards
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A top level guide to getting up and running with a dashboard solution that will teach you about KPIs, metrics, data and dashboard implementation.

29 Pages of tips and examples

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KPI Dashboard Design Best Practice
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The Dashboard Best Practice Guide is packed with tips and contains essential information for building useful, powerful reports.

43 Pages of tips and examples

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Blog Posts

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Why Scoring your Tenant Satisfaction is Essential for Improving Services
Traditional surveying methods in RSLs allow only for basic analysis of the feedback information gathered, and so only basic decisions can be made from that information. In this video you'll learn how to score your feedback to allow you to use it as a key performance indicator and benchmark against previous performance. You'll find out to use your housing survey data in new ways to trend the information over time and help you to make better decisions about your housing association and tenants. [Read More]
Why Responsive Feedback Increases Tenant Satisfaction
A short video about how you can easily boost you RSL service satisfaction levels by implementing "Responsive Feedback" [Read More]
Video Explainer: SIMD for Public Services
SIMD is being used more and more to measure the performance of certain areas of the Public Sector. Stay ahead of the curve with this short video explainer. [Read More]