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Economic Development Reporting Platform

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Target Dashboard helps economic development organisations track their operations, present their data and automate the production of reports. Target Dashboard is easy to set-up and helps organisations to meet or exceed their targets.

New! Now with built in Scottish postcode, LA, Region, Rural Status and SIMD Deprivation Indexes

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Easy To Use Dashboards & Reports
Easily spot trends, identifying opportunities and proactively solve problems.
Automate with Data in Excel, Databases and Online
Point TD at all your xcel files or databases and dashboards & reports are automatic.
Build Stunning PDF Reports
Send real-time, automated, emailed PDF reports to managers or stakeholders.
Target and Performance Tracking
Link data like start-ups with targets automatically and track this visually by month or by year.
We're in Glasgow!
Established in 2010 from our HQ in Glasgow we have been helping Economic Development organisations report on their data for 7+ years. We're always available in person or on the phone and we have a deep understanding of economic development data.

How it Works

how it works
Easy to Use. Easy to Roll out.
- Data Collection
- Create Dashboards in minutes
- Connect to any existing Excel files or CRM exports
- Track Events and Feedback
- Scheduled PDF Reports
- Glasgow Expert Support
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Save Time and Automate

Save 100's of hours and remove the drudgery by automating your reports and having a real-time dashboard view of operations.
  • Connect up to your existing Excel files or CRM exports
  • Reduce time spent collating data
  • Eliminate errors cause by re-keying or copy and pasting data
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Quickly Get Answers to New Questions and Maintain Control

Managing an economic development organisation has never been easier. Dashboards and reports allow management to maintain control while
  • Proactively managing with your ‘live’ operations data
  • Answering 3rd party questions with ease
  • Analyse with point and click drilldowns and data exports

Presenting Operations and Stakeholder Data is Easy

Create secured, interactive dashboards or build stunning PDF management reports
  • Choose to share some or all of your dashboards with stakeholders
  • Automate daily, weekly or quarterly PDF reports
  • Use on PCs, Macs, Mobiles or TV screens
Dashboards, reports and TV Screens

Analyse Trends - Make Better Decisions

Looking at your operational data has never been easier, allowing for faster, more informed decisions
  • Combine data together from different data sources for example Starts-ups and National Targets
  • Use the built-in postcode matching SIMD stats to graph any data by defined deprived areas
  • Instantly re-spin the data by any timeframe or viewpoint

Quickly Analyse Efforts and Outcomes Visually

Know your organisation better with separate analytical views for management, the board, you and your team.
  • Quickly spot trends, identify risks and make improvements
  • Drill-down to explore with deeper insights in just one-click
  • Easy, powerful, business intelligence software for managers
  • Spot Trends & Make Comparisons

  • Automatic Traffic Light Indicators

  • Automatically Colour Code Your Metrics

  • Create Dashboards in Just Minutes

  • Communicate with 100's of Visuals

  • Communicate with 100's of Visuals

  • Graphs, Gauges, Scorecards.....


Just 4 Easy Steps Get up and Running

Connect your Data
Connect to your data, Excel, CSV, cloud, databases.
Visualise your data
With 100+ graph types, gauges, scorecards and heat maps you can visualise your data in any way.
Discover and share
Learn from your data, and share targets and progress.
Automated Reports
Automatically or manually schedule reports to anyone.

Powerful and Easy to Use

Target Dashboard is designed to be very easy to use for managers. A point and click intuitive approach allows you to spin your data in many directions.
  • Filtering and pivoting is just a couple of clicks
  • View any data by day, week, month, quarter, year or financial year
  • TD Automatically sums and totals all of you numbers providing instant drill-downs



Target Dashboard is used widely across Scotland. It is a 'must see' product for Economic Development Organisations as it can not only enhance operation reporting but it will undoubtedly save a huge number of man-hours.
Our Special Economic Development version costs just £2599 per annum and is backed by the expert support of our team in Glasgow
See how Target Dashboard has helped other organisations similar to yours.

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