Packed With Features, Designed for Managers

Dashboards and PDF Reports
Connect to all your systems
No hardware / software required
Nothing to Dashboards in 60 minutes


Online, so no hardware or software required
  • Runs securely online
  • Requires no hardware or software to be installed
  • Designed for all browser platforms including PC, Mac & iPad
  •  User interface designed for touch control such as on an iPad
  •  Multi instance, so you can create many “company” accounts each with their own dashboards, data and security.



  • Create and share dashboards visible on almost any browser platform
  • 10’s of dashboard layouts to suit the desired display
  • Drag and drop interface
  •  Interactive charts, with changeable date ranges, period grouping (eg show in quarters not months), editable filters and mouse hover information callouts.
  • All charts are built in real time and automatically scale to fit the users screen dimensions, thus maximising the detail available.


Charts & Indicators

  • There are 1000’s of chart and indicator combinations.
  • ChartCharts type can be combined to provide very powerful uncluttered data visualisations. All common charts types are supported and can be built or edit in seconds with no technical skills using the chart designer.
  • Different chart types can be combined for clearer communications eg Column Charts and Line Charts
  • Target focused gauges
  • Trend indicators
  • Colour coded scorecards
  • Traffic light indicators
  •  Information is automatically colour coded if it is on target / within budget or objective (if it has an objective)
  • Comparison charts allow data to be compared year against year


Data, Budgets and Targets

  • Import data in seconds from almost any source
  • Copy and paste from Excel
  • Enter data manually
  • Target Dashboard recognises the relationship between a KPI and its Target / budget and displays and formats the data automatically with colour coding
  • Set moving targets or budgets
  • Mix manually entered targets with automated data from external systems


Alerts & Warnings

  •  Target Dashboard knows that the period of data eg Monthly and can send warning alerts when data is missing
  • Receive a graphical “Digest” email with your dashboard on a Monday morning showing the latest position
  • Set exception alerts (on Enterprise version only) and receive alerts when data falls outside predefined ranges


Data Analysis

  • Data can charted from the original data or pivoted
  • Pivoting data takes seconds and is easier than in Excel
  • Add Filters where your data has several dimensions
  • Build complex Rolling averages (moving averages) with a single click, reveal trends
  • Build many of different visual indicators form same data


Importing Data automatically

  • For additional automation there is a MS Windows service you can install on your local network called the “DataGrabber”
  • The DataGrabber can connect to your local databases and Excel spreadsheet and securely and automatically post the data to Target Dashboard overnight, so you need never need manage the data again.


Chart embedding

  • Optional Chart embedding in Content Management System and intranets is available


PDF Management Report Packs

  • Multipage management report packs can be built with a single click
  • Advance options allow control of the layout and data
  •  PDF reports are print ready and branded with corporate logos.
  • Reports and KPIs can be annotated with the latest comments or explanation.
  • Reports include charts, colour coded KPI summaries, trend indicators, actual values, previous values, % change, Targets, % on Target, recent data summaries, comparisons with previous years.


Other Features

  • Build presentations from ‘live’ charts that are manual or have automated, timed transitions. This creates a secured URL that can be emailed if required or used to create a rolling plasma screen style performance board.



  • Target Dashboard requires each user to have their own personal account however there are three different automated single sign on services available to automate logins from external sources such as an intranet.


Partner Tools

  • Target Dashboard is designed for “Partners” to overview and manage their clients
  • Billing can be managed in a number of ways to suit you



  • Target Dashboard can be branded with corporate logos on the dashboard (instead of the Target Dashboard logo)
  • PDF Reports can be branded with corporate logos.