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Connect to hundreds or millions of rows of data and Target Dashboard will provide you intuitive and easy to use business intelligence

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Hundreds of Excel Rows or Millions of Rows of System Data - Target Dashboard Delivers You Answers Fast

Take performance data that you have stored in Excel, financial systems or a database then import it into Target Dashboard in just seconds. If you wish you can even use Target Dashboard to “live link” to your data and post updates continuously using the Datagrabber application.

It's easy.
It's very, very powerful.

Target Dashboard is designed for Managers to setup and use. You don’t have to be a technical expert, so it puts the power back with the decisions makers.

In a Few Hours You Can Be Tracking and Analysing Key Performance Data

Having imported some data into Dashboard Tables, you can create Targets, Rolling averages and formulas with just a couple of mouse clicks. Then you can create charts, gauges and score cards with the easy to use, simple point and click interface.

Adding Dashboards

Re-Gain Control With a Clearer Message
Time Chart

Previously Dashboards and reports have required a team of techies, lots of money and a long wait to see the light of day. Target Dashboard changes this. Using Target Dashboard a manager with the most basic Excel skills can build powerful dashboards in minutes. You will spot more trends, make better comparisons and be more in touch with your organisation.
[Typical time to build a Dashboard: 10 mins]

Change or Create New Data in Seconds

Business changes quickly. Your competitiveness relies on your ability to adapt and move quickly. With Target dashboard you can create new measures in just a few minutes or alter existing data to focus in on a particular growth or problem area.

Use Time Charts to Spot Trends

Most businesses rely heavily of time based data. Using the right type of charting here is critical to get early warnings and quickly spot trends. Seeing issues and trends easier means that quicker decisions can be made to gain a competitive advantage or increase profitability.
Target Dashboard has tens of different chart styles to suit different requirements.
[Typical time to build a time chart: 1 min]

Peer or Time Comparisons Give The Situation Context

Create Categorised Charts to See the Split

Sometimes you may want to categorise your performance data by, for example, ‘product’ or ‘region’. Target Dashboard includes all popular category charts, but more powerful is the ability to Pivot this data to chart it over time. Pivot is something that is hard to do normally, but allows you to see more from your information. Target Dashboard makes this easy.
[Typical time to build a category chart: 1 min]
[Typical time to Pivot data and chart: 3 min]

Compare Year on Year

Spotting trends is a good way to help out decision making, but it also pays to make comparisons with previous years. Take any of your data and create year on year comparison charts so you can see this month’s figures in relation to this time last year. In Excel you would need to reformat you data to chart this comparison. In Target Dashboard it's just two clicks.