Data from Systems, Excel or Cloud

Whether it’s from Excel, your finance system or an SQL database, getting your data into Target Dashboard is easy

Any SQL Database
Financial Systems
CRM and Sales Systems
Whether it’s from Excel or an SQL database, getting your data into Target Dashboard is easy

You can...

  • Connect to Excel files from your computer / Dropbox
  • Enter data manually or copy and paste from Excel
  • Get your website stats from Google Analytics
  • Link directly to a SQL database or system
  • Connect to the API of virtually any online service

Target Dashboard will connect to pretty much anything!

Importing data from Excel is quick and easy and only takes a few clicks
You can go from an Excel file to stunning reports and dashboards in minutes.

Automating your data updates has never been easier. You can keep your spreadsheet up to date in Dropbox or on your network and connect it to Target Dashboard. This means that when you update your data in Excel it will update your charts and visuals in Target Dashboard automatically.
Automatically collect data from surveys, forms and other online services

Connect to Google Analytics and get an overview of your web / Adwords stats in an instant. Compare them to your other marketing figures, or track trends for certain campaigns or even geographical areas.

Perhaps you are using an online service like SurveyMonkey to collect data from your customers or employees. We can connect to that data, or any other online source that has an API, allowing you to create reports, dashboards and presentations from data that’s important to you.

Use the DataGrabber application to get data from your database automatically, as often as you want

If your data comes from a CRM system, or any type of system that is built on a database, you can connect to that and get your data straight into Target Dashboard automatically, on a schedule you set. This means you never have to worry about being out of date, and can produce great reports for colleagues and stakeholders on the fly, any time you need.