Secured, Filtered Dashboards in Minutes

Quickly create drilldown, filtered dashboards from any aspect of your data, eg product, salesperson or cost centre.

Secure Dashboards by User
Extensive Drilldowns
Easy to Setup
Connect Your Data and Filter by Anything!
TakeTake any data that you have from your systems or Excel and Target Dashboard can quickly analyse and filter it for you. For example you may want to drill down into the detail of your most successful product, or perhaps pair up an under performing sales person with one of your stronger performers, then track then closely.

Target Dashboard can provide you instant answers, it will take all of your data and make it easy for you to analyse or drill down into the data by any criteria you wish. v>
Secure Your Dashboards by Users or Groups
Sometimes there is a need to allow a user to view a particular set of data, but not all of this. It could be that you want your sales guys to see only their own performance or your clients see only their data.

With Target Dashboards you can create secured filters so that you can allow a user to have access to filter everything they wish or have a fixed filter displaying just their own data.