Combine Targets and Actuals

Combine your actuals and targets automatically and effortlessly for a clear view of your progress.

Set rolling targets
Combine Targets in Excel with any Actuals
Automatic Traffic Light Formatting
Unlike Excel Target Dashboard Tracks your Targets

Every KPI can be set up with optional moving targets. With very little effort, Target Dashboard cleverly uses the target without the need for complex formulas or knowledge, to present you with clear and concise performance information on graphs and charts.

You may choose to create an Excel file with monthly Targets and link that to actual data coming from your system. Target Dashboard will automatically convert your data into day, months or quarters to compare it in realtime to your targets.

Up-to-the-Minute Traffic Light formatting with No Effort

Targets are a very important way of measuring progress within your organisation.  From experience we know that sometimes a fixed target is required while sometimes it is more meaningful to set a rolling target. 

Targets can be amended over time to suit your organisation’s changing needs.  The clear graphics automatically show how you are doing enabling you to focus on the areas of your organisation that need help or to concentrate effort on the areas that are more successful.

Sales Oriented Businesses Love Wall Mounted Targets
Many sales teams use Target Dashboard to motivate their staff. If you link Target Dashboard through to your sales ordering system you can monitor daily orders in real time.

Add to this an Excel file containing daily or monthly targets for your sales team and now you can create live wall mounted dashboards to highlight on-target performance by a team or individual.