The Most Powerful Online Dashboard

Unlike any other reporting product Target Dashboard is designed for Managers to set up and use - no technical skills required.

Easy to use
Connect to all your systems
No hardware / software required
Nothing to Dashboards in 60 minutes
Powerful & Easy to Use for Managers
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With Target Dashboard, managers no longer have to request dashboards from the IT guys. Our easy-to-use, powerful software means that you can experiment with your data and find the data views that are best for you.

  • Connects to any Systems, Excel & Cloud (Learn More)
  • Instantly share dashboards with colleagues
  • Lightning-fast implementation – services also available
  • Dedicated Support
Build Dashboards from Your Data in 1 hour!
Create & share dashboards
Online, quick and secure
Used by Companies, Governments & Charities
Easy to connect to Excel, SQL or manual data
300+ chart and dashboard layouts
See Your Business More Clearly
Target Dashboard uses the most effective industry leading methods to display your data

Charts and Graphs
Year-over-year Comparison Charts
Tabular and Heat maps
Traffic Light Indicators
Scorecards and Balanced Scorecards
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Automatically Does Clever Calculations with Your Data
Import some data or KPIs, and Target Dashboard makes your data come alive with no effort. Automatically Target Dashboard will:

Upscale your data to d/w/M/Q/Y
Filter or Pivot Data or Dashboards with a click
TD calculates YTD, last month, variance, last year + more all automatically
Compare against targets
Color coded conditional formatting
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Not Just Dashboards! Tablets, Wall Mounted Screen & Paper
PDF Management Reports
In an ideal world we would be paperless, but in the real world you sometimes want to make notes on your management reports before you go into a meeting. Screen based dashboards are great, but sometimes there’s no substitute for paper reports or a tablet presentation.

Online Dashboards
Dedicated 1 click PDF Reports
Slideshow mode, for wall based screens
Tablet friendly Presentation mode
Automatic Alerts and Warnings
Email Alerts
Receive automatic email warnings. Monday morning graphical digest emails keep you in the picture.

New KPI alerts
KPIs outside thresholds
KPI are out-of-date
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