The HR Professional’s Guide to Dashboards & KPI Reporting
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Make HR Reporting Easy

In less time and effort you can have better reports
Excel reports can be very time consuming to produce. They use scores of pivots and formulas, especially when you need to report by different dimension such as department, business unit, location, job role, salary bracket or all of the above. Target Dashboard makes this easy. You can drop in or automatically connect to any HR data, allowing you to report on absence, diversity, age, staff attrition or anything else with just a few clicks.
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Just 4 Easy Steps to your HR Dashboard

Connect your HR data
Connect to your data, Excel, CSV, cloud, databases or HR system.
Visualise your data
With 100+ graph types, gauges, scorecards and heat maps you can visualise your data in any way.
Discover and share
Finding answers to complex issues is easy with Target Dashboard. Create and share reports with colleagues.
Automated Dashboards
Automatically or manually import the latest data, TD does everything else.
Let's Talk!
I have helped build and advise on many HR dashboards. Each organisation we work with is different, so I really like to learn their objectives to see how we might help - Johnathan Briggs, HR Reporting Expert, Target Dashboard
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  • Spot Trends & Make Comparisons

  • Automatically Colour Code Your Metrics

  • Create Dashboards in Just Minutes

  • Communicate with 100's of Visuals


Connect to HR Systems, Databases and Excel Files

Connect to your existing data in minutes where ever it is
HR data from Excel, databases, SAP, or almost any available HR system can be connected in just a few minutes. This instantly opens up new insights into your HR reports making good practice stand out and negative trends scream for attention.

Easy to Use For HR Managers

No techies required. Fast, powerful and time saving for HR professionals
Point and click to build any dashboards you want, such as employee engagement, diversity, leavers, new hires, staff turnover.... anything is possible with just a few clicks.
  • Build HR Dashboards in minutes
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Decide security of who can see what
  • One-click beautiful management reports
Dashboards, reports and TV Screens

Compare & Trend Any HR KPI by Any Category

...say, diversity by department, business unit, country... or anything!
Instead of just a static number in Excel, you can choose to compare any numerical KPI by any form of categorisation in your data. Filter the result, compare, show trend or find the top and bottom performer. Do all this from one data set with just a few simple clicks.
  • Diversity
  • Employee Age
  • Staff Turnover / Retention
  • Recruitment
  • ...any KPI or metric you have

Automatic & Always Up-To-date

Never do a pivot again
Show your colleagues detailed reports whenever they need them. With Target Dashboard, there’s no need to manipulate data in excel, spend time building visuals or wait hours for a report to be generated. Once set up, everything is ready to go at the click of a button. Build charts and custom reports or use templates to send out emails, generate PDF reports or create presentations in seconds.

HR Reports

Share HR Reports with Others in a Click

Securely share KPIs with your colleagues, department or the whole company
With Target Dashboard, you can show everyone exactly what they need to see to make better decisions. Create secure user groups and share all or part of your reports with confidence, knowing your figures are safe. Share:
  • Secured Dashboards
  • PDF reports
  • Automatic Emails
Who Uses Target Dashboard?
  • Organisations across the world
  • 20+ staff to FTSE 100 listed companies
  • Public and private sector
Target Dashboard is used by HR professionals across the globe
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Expert Help & Support When You Need It

HR reporting experts on-tap to help you
More than software, we are data experts just a call away from helping you. From management backgrounds, we understand the power of HR data and the difference it can make to critical decision making.
“We're really passionate about being HR reporting experts.
Our knowledge and responsiveness makes us stand out.”

Typical Costs and Timescales

Implement yourself, or let our experts do it for you for just a monthly cost
How it Works: If you wish you can go-it-alone with Target Dashboard knowing that our experts are just a phone call away if you need help. However we have many years experience and expertise in rolling out dashboards and reporting systems across a business. With an initial implementation from our team you will be gaining the substantial benefits from your dashboards much sooner and our experts will set up many best practice and clever approaches to your reporting that will give you the edge.
To guarantee the quality of our service we will complete a full implementation of your dashboards (normally 4-5 days) for just a rolling monthly fee - so thats a risk free professional implementation without big upfront costs.

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Included Expert Implementation Days
Target Dashboard
$749 / month
Expert Implementation
$176 / month
or $9990 when paid annually
Target Dashboard is so fast and flexible that a typical implementation takes just a 4-5 days. Our experts will work with you, your team and your data to understand your reporting goals and objectives. From here we will help you get the right data, in the right format so together we can deliver the best business intelligence & reporting.
or call one of our experts on+44 (0) 141 810 2598

What's Included
Business Intelligence version
(Recommended for Dashboards)
4 day professional implementation
  • Data Connections
  • Data Shaping
  • Dashboard Design
  • Best Practice Reporting
Rolling Monthly Contract
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Dashboards
Secured Filters & Pivots
Unlimited Support & Help