Make quicker and better decisions about fundraising

  • Build Dashboards in just minutes
  • 300+ chart designs and layouts
  • Secure & Permission based
  • Email alerts
  • No Software or Hardware
  • Branded to your organisation
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Import all those Excel files, or link to your database

Td can grab your data from anywhere, Excel files, Database.... online apps

  • Simple to use interface
  • Takes 1 min to import Excel data
  • Live link to your SQL databases
  • Link to  Google Analytics 
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Build Stakeholders reports in 20seconds

PDF Management Reports Dashboards are only part of the equation, often you need a paper copy but printing a dashboard normally produces poor results. The "PDF Report Packs" feature builds powerful, tailorable, colour coded PDF reports for you to print or email.
What Businesses say.....

"....we love it!"
Amanda ******, Fund Raising Director at ***** ******
(A major world wide fundraiser, that wish to remain anonymous)

“Target Dashboard has far exceeded our expectations both as a service and as a valued business partner.”
Colin Bell, CEO, Keystone Waste

"Target Dashboard has surprised me with their outstanding support. The software is very well designed and their team is really receptive to customer needs"
Andy Pierre, Continuous Improvement Engineer, Railtech Ltd, Canada

“I can now see an overview of the company at any time. This has really helped us make better decisions
Tamlin Roberts, CEO, Mercurytide Ltd


Emailed  reports, exception warnings & alerts

Subscribe to 'digests' and emails keep you in the picture before you arrive in the office on Monday.

Other email alerts when:

  • New data or KPIs added
  • Data is outside thresholds (Enterprise Only)
  • KPIs data is not current
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Email Alerts