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Know more. Motivate your Team. Sell More.

Drive Sales

Performance Management & B.I. for Sales Managers

Sales Spark

Getting your sales team to meet target has never been easier

Sales Spark pushes average sales people to meet or exceed their targets. It gives sales managers the tools to focus their team's efforts in the right areas, drive motivation and recognise achievement -all key success factors of the "Sales Diamond".

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Real-time BI Dashboards for Sales Managers
Easily spot trends, identifying opportunities and proactively solving..
Wall mounted TV Leaderboards
Keep your team functioning at peak, through recognition and achievement.
Email Sales Reports
Send automated, emailed PDF sales reports to sales guys or managers
Target and Performance Tracking
Link sales with targets automatically. You always know if you are on target today, this month or this year.
of 'average' sales people
won't hit target
Research by Miller Heiman Group
Sales Spark Helps your Team Deliver More Sales
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How it Works

how it works
Easy to Use. Easy to Roll out.
- Data Collection
- Dashboard Creation
- Sales Intelligence Desktop
- Team Leaderboard
- Reports, Emails & Updates
- UK Expert Support
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Leaderboards Bring Out the Best

Enjoy the high visibility of wall-mounted TV dashboards for internal competition and recognition as you push salespeople to peak effort:
  • Keep staff focused so they start & finish strong
  • Remind closers to keep sight of pipeline tasks
  • Enable your team to sell more, all day, every day
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Use Real-Time Data to Get Ahead

Outpace the competition with up to the minute insights as you act fast and react faster with data from CRM, Excel, accounting and more:
  • Proactively manage with your ‘live’ system data
  • Get a full 360° view in real-time
  • Make decisions today so you steer clear of month-end disasters

Develop Extraordinary Salespeople

Turn average sales guys into stellar performers – every month with wall-mounted TV’s, PC dashboards & email updates:
  • Automatically remind them of tasks needing effort
  • Highlight rewards within reach and their team ranking
  • Your sales team will hit their targets – and so will you!
Dashboards, reports and TV Screens

Target Focused, Success Driven

Combine Excel targets with actual sales orders and CRM activity as you always have up to the minute performance just a glance away.
  • Automatically show who is on-track, below-target & how far to go
  • Maintain targets for day, week, month, year, individual and team
  • Track separate management targets not visible to everyone

One-Click BI Tools for Managers

Know your business better with separate analytical views for management, board of directors, you and your salespeople.
  • Quickly spot trends, identify risks, know profit & cost centres
  • Drill-down to explore with deeper insights in just one-click
  • Easy, powerful, business intelligence software for managers
  • Spot Trends & Make Comparisons

  • Automatically Colour Code Your Metrics

  • Create Dashboards in Just Minutes

  • Communicate with 100's of Visuals


Just 4 Easy Steps to Drive Sales Up

Connect your Sales, CRM & Targets
Connect to your data, Excel, CSV, cloud, databases or sales system.
Visualise your data
With 100+ graph types, gauges, scorecards and heat maps you can visualise your data in any way.
Discover and share
Learn customer behaviour, and share targets and progres on wall TVs
Automated Sales Reports
Automatically or manually schedule on-target to anyone in your team

Motivate the Sales Team to Sell More

Recognition drives more great salespeople than financial gain, so tap into their inner greatness and they will own both individual and team goals.
  • Wall-mounted TV’s show rank-ordered sales staff performance
  • Dashboards can also be accessed by desktop/mobile 24 x 7 x 365
  • Display by sales office, customer type, product line, or any other category
Who Uses Target Dashboard?
  • Organisations across the world
  • 20+ staff to FTSE 100 listed companies
  • Public and private sector
Target Dashboard is used by professionals across the globe
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