Sales Spark: How It Works

how it works
Easily Connect Up your Data
- Excel Spreadsheets
- Sales / ERP / Order System
- CRM , Cloud or Local

Mix Together and Present as you Like
Enjoy real-time management, personal and team view
- Management View
- Leaderboards
- Go Mobile
- Email Status Updates
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Wall-Mounted TV Leaderboards

Highly Visible Means Highly Motivated

Push for Sales Orders and CRM Activities

With half of most salespeople achieving target, keeping the other half of the team focused and motivated to make the calls and still keep their eyes on making quotas… becomes the main (frustrating) challenge of too many sales managers. Is this you?

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Management Desktop ‘Cockpit’

Sales Intelligence/ BI Was Never Easier

Monitor and Manage Team Members & Dept. Numbers

Real-time data available 24x7x365, gives a top to bottom view of both the sales process and the entire sales organisation. Risks, opportunities, knowledge of what’s performing well, who’s the busy fools – all your numbers are just one-click away. Sales Spark gives managers the ability to quickly review and react… with actionable information that directly improves sales team results.

Salesperson Dashboard

Accountability Through Information

Fingertip, Instant-On, Personalised Dashboards

Each sales team member gets their own unique view, so that they’re up-to-date on their accounts, prospects, sales this month, this week, this minute.

Pipeline task visibility that’s automatically updated, peers deals that just went through, how far to target and bonus… all are visible and available around the clock.

Emailed PDF's and Excel Reports - Fully Automated

Scheduled, Personalised Sales Reports

Take the Drudge Work Out of Sales Management

Select who gets what and when as you share consistent, meaningful reports at the frequency you choose (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually). Data comes in from CRM, sales orders, Excel spreadsheets any data source you may have. Quickly mix together any or all of your KPIs and data sources and any report eg a Weekly sales report.

Access from Any Device, Anywhere

Browser Based, Available 24 x 7 x 365

Automatic Updates, Travel is Not a Problem

Sales meetings, trade shows, late nights, holidays? If you’ve got internet access, you can access your dashboards and reports with a click, tap, pinch or squeeze.
Want to know how client orders, service and delivery is doing? Get up to the minute info…
so you’re aware and can take a proactive approach.

TV Box Makes Any HDTV a Dashboard Display

Simple to Connect, Pre-configured for Your Data

1 or 100, Put Your Dashboard(s) Wherever You Want

From team displays on the sales floor to management dashboards in the corner office, adding wall-mounted TV dashboards takes 2 minutes, tops.
Multiple dashboards as slideshows? Different dashboards for each team?
it’s all easily done and inexpensive – plus we set it all up for you in advance.