The Sales Diamond

How to Manage a Sales Team

Push Your Team to Achieve Target

Imagine 100% of your team hitting target. You having an extra 2.5 hours each day to train, develop and enjoy managing your team of winners. Use the Sales Diamond, equip your team with the tools they need and start building your competitive advantage today

Get More From your Team

How to Drive Sales UP

The "Sales Diamond" Method

With half of most salespeople achieving target, keeping the other half of the team focused and motivated to make the calls and still keep their eyes on making quotas… becomes the main (frustrating) challenge of too many sales managers. Is this you?

Running a High perfomance Sales Team

Review and React

Real-time data collected from all your sources, combined into a clear vision is key. You can’t win the race without knowing the course.

BI tools clue you in ahead of the competition so you can act and react quickly.

On-Track, On Target

Knowing who is on track, beaten target, made their calls, set appointments, is ahead of the pack – that’s essential to managing a winning team.

Management tools that combine targets with actual up to the minute progress in a single view is how to work smarter, not harder.

Recognition & Internal Competition

Salespeople thrive in a competitive environment. They live for the glory of beating target and everyone else on the team.

Putting their standings on a wall-mounted TV leaderboard is the ultimate in recognising their outstanding performance and inspiring others.


A culture of accountability doesn’t come easy. A blame game must be avoided, while joint celebrations encouraged.

When everyone can see the efforts (CRM data), results (sales orders) and rank ordering of one another, they will take ownership and take action.