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Column Chart - Category
Stacked column charts are great for showing a breakdown of time-based KPI data.
Radar Chart
The main use of a radar chart is to show the overall difference between categories with multiple KPIs.
Bar Chart - Basic
Bar charts show values on the X-Axis, and are well-suited for comparing values for different categories.
Bar Chart - Multiple
Multiple bar charts break down categorical data, showing KPI data for each category side by side.
Bar Chart - Stacked
Stacked bar charts let you easily compare values for categories to each other, as well as part of a whole.
Bar Chart - Stacked Percentage
These stacked bar charts always show a full bar divided into categories, making the part-whole relationship more apparent.
Pie Chart
The classic pie chart is the most common chart for showing categorical data. It's very useful for showing each category as a fraction of a whole.
Donut Chart
Essentially a pie chart with the centre removed. Text can be placed here to give context, but makes the chart less readable.
Funnel Chart
Funnel charts are perfect for KPIs that are linked in a business process. This lets you monitor the difference between each part of the process, and gauge improvement.