Take less time. Reach more conclusions

Quick accurate reporting

No more waiting till month end for reports. The management dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your entire business activity. Analyse trends, forecast performance and track your strongest players on any device – desktop, tablet or phone. Find out more

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales pipeline & indicators
  • Financial performance
  • HR & employee Metrics
  • Operations, quality and safety


Smarter – Faster – Intuitive

A reporting tool that enables managers with varying skill levels to do more with their data.
Delivering business intelligence the clever point and click technology builds charts and graphs in minutes, drilling down to the data in a clicks.

Answer questions such as:
– where are sales growing
– what is driving growth.
Or analyse time trends, by day, week, month, quarter or financial year  comparison.



Filter, drill down, explore

Import you data and Target Dashboard will summarise it by day, week, month, quarter or year.


Zoom data in and out

In just minutes you can add filters on dashboards and graphs or create data drill downs to explore the information.


Intelligent targets

If your choose to set targets or objectives Target Dashboard will automatically colour code your data so you can instantly see your performance

Others provide support,
We provide expert help.

Your objectives become our objectives
More than software, we are data experts. From management backgrounds we understand the power of data and the difference it can make to critical decision making. We focus entirely on your specific objectives from set up to maintenance to achieving results.
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