KPI Dashboards and Business Intelligence Designed for Managers

Target Dashboard connects and mixes all of your information into one place. It is powerful and proactive, delivering essential information and driving growth.
Easy to use online dashboards combine targets and actuals automatically highlighting areas of concern - This makes good decision making easier and faster than it has ever been before.

Systems, Database, Excel or Cloud

Connect to Anything Easily

Target V's Actual is No Effort!

Most companies have data in a mixture of financial, CRM and operation systems along with a multitude of Excel files containing forecasts and targets. TD can be connected to all of these sources of data in just a few hours allowing you to mixed the data and create dashboards and reports.

Transform Management Data

Clever and Pro-Active

Progress Emails, Warns of Dangers, Adds Accountability

Target Dashboard is an easy to use, fast and very powerful cloud reporting application. It can be simply connected to your data more clearly presenting the story of your information in just days.

Live Sales Figures V's Monthly Targets - Easy!

Mix Data From Different Sources

You might be reporting on every detailed piece of information eg orders or a purchases. It's likely your team will also manage monthly budgets or target spreadsheets broken down by various categories. TD will automatically merge this data together so the days of manually looking at actuals in one system and targets in another are gone, and you can always have a realtime and accountable view of targets.

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What Makes TD Different?

Why TD is Your Best Choice

  • It's Easy for Managers
  • It can be implemented in a few days
  • One of the world most powerful dashboarding apps
  • Runs online and is low maintenance
  • Unlimited Users. We don't charge for users
  • Our expert help is included

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More than software, we are data experts. From management backgrounds we understand the power of data and the difference it can make to critical decision making. We focus entirely on your specific objectives from set up to maintenance to achieving results.